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Notice of Proposed Construction (GC1)

This system allows you to provide the 10-day notification required by PSC Rule 515-9-1-.04 of any new construction [as defined in Commission Utility Rule 515-9-3-.02(f)] of (A) any transmission or distribution gas main line or (B) any gas service line where the actual, planned or proposed replacement, relocation, construction, expansion or extension or such service line would be within 2,000 feet of the gas main or service lines of another gas operator.

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Drawing The Pipeline Route

Use the point markers on the map to show us where the pipeline will reside. Enter a physical address of the starting and ending points to precisely move the respective markers. The Add New Point button will add a new point between the last two points. The exact position of each point is displayed in the textbox on the lower-right.

Starting Point Address:
e.g. 'Atlanta, GA' or '244 Washington Street, Atlanta'
Ending Point Address:
Auto center and zoom map after moving a point
Update coordinates during drag
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